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Communications: Success Story

Renal Physicians Association - RPA

Project Management

RPA developed the concept of a Physician Toolkit for its members. We were hired to liaise with the college content provider to oversee submission of content, deadlines, design, client approvals, printing and fulfilment. The project took almost a year to complete and included:

  • Interface with content provider Duke University and client RPA
  • Program Branding
  • Design and printing of
    • Binder with:
      • 200 pages of text and 25 charts
      • 48 page PowerPoint presentation
      • 6 Brochures
      • Poster
      • 28 Tabs
      • 1 Slide-rule Calculator
      • 2 CD's and Jackets
    • Mailing Box
    • Ad Design
  • Fullfillment to 1000 members
  • Web version of all materials
RPA Toolkit Project