About Us: Our Expertise

We Bring Business Expertise to Assocation Management

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Experience & Flexibility for a Smoother Running Association

Anas Marketing & Management is a full-service association management firm providing experienced, professional staff to help your association fulfill its unique mission - all in an economical, shared-office environment.

Your Board establishes the vision and strategy for your organization, while we provide the customized infrastructure to ensure that your decisions are implemented cost effectively. In business for over 30 years, we apply common business principles and practices to associations of all sizes.

Choose From Full-Service or Project Management

Our flexibility allows you to use our complete, in-house management services, or only the personnel that is required for a specific project. Economies of scale in shared equipment, space and support staff play a big role in keeping your overhead to a minimum!

Your Members Come First

As associations face shrinking budgets, increasing member demands, decreasing number of volunteers, caps on dues revenue and rival associations, your Board has the fiduciary responsibility to its members to run the association economically, while providing the services that members deserve! We offer our experience in all facets of association management to help you achieve these goals.

Integration & Coordination of All Departments

We understand the structure of associations and how each department and each individual program affects the other parts of the organization. We integrate the strengths of each service component that an association offers to its members and promotes the highest degree of service and effectiveness throughout the organization, including:

  • Advocacy & Government Relations
  • Board & Committees Support
  • Certification & Accreditation
  • Conference & Event Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing, Publishing and Web sites
  • Membership Services

An Understanding of Your Field

Our Mission Is to Serve Your Mission
We've been working with a broad range of associations for over 30 years. That experience guarantees that we'll deliver the most effective services for any association management challenge.

With our expertise as association managers and your Board's knowledge of your field, we'll create a winning partnership!