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Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing Technology - BONENT

Product Sales & Fulfilment

Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing Technology - BONENT store ad

For our client BONENT (Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing Technology) we had purchased promotional items over the years. Once the board agreed to sell the items, we went into action. We were responsible for all aspects of developing the "BONENT Store" online and fulfilling sales of 20 products. Here'’'s a long list to get the Store up and running:

  • Did an inventory of all existing products in the office
  • Researched online for product descriptions
  • Developed a final list with descriptions and prices
  • Assigned an accounting code for each product for our online database and our accounting system
  • Took photos of all products
  • Created a new web page with all of the info and photos
  • Created a page for members to order and:
    • Added photos and prices
    • Added inventory (members can’t see) allowing database to alert us to low inventory for re-order
  • Created an Order Form for fax and mailing
  • Re-organized the products in the office for easy access for fulfilment
  • Created an ad on the home page and all other web pages with photos and link to the Store page
  • Added a link for the Store from the:
    • Member Services dropdown
    • My Account page in the member secure section to order online
  • Fulfil product sales once a week
  • Developed an internal summary Tracking Form of monthly sales by product and net inventory
  • Added new products to the site, order form, accounting system, summary Tracking form.

See the BONENT Store page.