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Finance: Success Story

American College of Nuclear Physicians - ACNP

Before taking over the full management of ACNP from a large management company, Anas Marketing & Management had produced all ACNP marketing, meeting, publishing and fundraising materials for 10 years!

At the headquarters, staff tracked 1200 individual members, 30 corporate members and oversaw a $1.4 million budget.

Anas coordinated a large Annual Meeting with 500 attendees and trade show with 50 exhibitors and a Fall Business Meeting. Both had scientific sessions with CME credits.

The ACNP Practice Accreditation Program accredited over 60 facilities a year, a Proficiency Testing Program which produces two test (phantom) exercises a year and sells them to 350 facilities annually.

The Professional and Public Information Program provides information to the public, government, referring physicians and managed care about the benefits of Nuclear Medicine. ACNP represented its members to CMS.

A bi-monthly newsletter was published. A joint government relations office was maintained with its sister organization.

“Our membership and financial records were a mess when we moved to Anas Marketing & Management. They put them back into shape, making the transition as smooth as possible. The staff were professional and a pleasure to work with in all areas of the organization!”

Martin Nusynowitz, M.D.,
Past President, American College of Nuclear Physicians