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Certification: Success Story

Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology - BONENT


BONENT serves as a representative voice, urging legislation and regulatory movement toward meaningful training, certification and credentialing of all nephrology practitioners and nurses. The three BONENT certification programs for the 5000+ member certification organization reflect its global status as the leading certification group worldwide of nephrology nurses and technologists.

It was obvious that BONENT had very little visual presence in the marketplace. We quickly:

  • Updated the Candidate Handbook (24 pages) with more content in an easy-to-read format;
  • Produced an informational brochure with photos of nephrology technicians and nurses at work;
  • Took a very outdated website with little content into a 75+ page resource for exam applicants and members, generating over 60,000 visits in the past year!
  • Developed logos for the two types of exams (Paper & Pencil and Computer Based Testing)
  • Organized a lot of content on the Exam Application in an easy-to-read format;
  • Revamped the member Newsletter to a professional look with news-worthy content;
  • Produced a Media Plan and Advertisement to promote BONENT;
  • Developed a Strategic Plan for discussion and implementation by the Board.

An Improved Presence in the Market

“Within three months of Anas taking over management of BONENT, our sister organization was jealous of the improved presence of ALL BONENT member communication. You also transformed our small web site into a reliable certification resource of over 75 pages of content - reducing the number of phone calls to the office. Thank you Peter and staff!”

President, Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology