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Advocacy: Success Story

Friends of the National Institute of Dental
& Craniofacial Research - FNIDCR

FNIDCR is a broad-based 300-member coalition of individuals, institutions and corporations who understand the critical importance of dental, oral and craniofacial health to the well-being of society.

Our successful advocacy on behalf of FNIDCR includes:

  • Developing a Legislative Action Plan to heighten awareness of the benefits of medical research to members of Congress (approved by committee and the board).
  • Providing an ongoing government relations presence and building relationships on Capitol Hill.
  • Scheduling meetings for oral health research stakeholders with key members of Congress and their staffs.
  • Increasing the number of US representatives in the Congressional Oral Health Caucus from 5 to 26.
  • Organizing the organization’s first Capitol Hill Day to include the participation of members of Congress who champion oral health research.
  • Organizing informative Congressional Briefings for staff that conveyed the latest advances in oral health research.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the federal budget and appropriations process to advocate for proper federal funding of NIH and one of its Institutes.
  • Submitting Written Testimony recommending funding levels for medical research that was entered into the public record.
  • Executing proactive measures to voice the consortium’s position to key congressional stakeholders, including advocating $10 billion in stimulus aid to NIH that was adopted.
  • Working with congressional committee staff to ensure specific oral health research questions were raised before hearing witnesses.
  • Working with congressional staff to support provisions in comprehensive bills that addressed oral health research funding.
  • Creating and updating concise Fact Sheets to convey the important benefits of medical research to educate members of Congress and their staffs.
  • Developing and updating content for the organization's web site advocacy section.
  • Preparing content for the e-News sent to ensure the membership is kept apprised of developments in Washington.