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Friends of the National Institute of Dental
& Craniofacial Research - FNIDCR


FNIDCR is a broad-based 300-member coalition of individuals, institutions and corporations who understand the critical importance of dental, oral and craniofacial health to the well-being of society.

Before we took over management, the Board was unaware of the unprofessional state of membership database, out-of-date website and much more. Within six months:

  • The web site was re-vamped and brought up-to-date with new content;
  • All membership data was re-entered into our software;
  • The quarterly newsletter was re-designed and a new content philosophy;
  • Coordinated a strategic planning session with the Board;
  • Coordinated an international conference of 200 attendees;
  • The advocacy message was fine-tuned and proactive measures taken to communicate it to key audiences in Washington. Written testimony was drafted and submitted for the public record, Capitol Hill Days organized, relationships cultivated, and the Congressional Oral Health Caucus was doubled in size! Members well-informed of legislative developments that affected the oral health community and NIDCR via timely electronic newsletters, action alerts, and updates.

“You're the best management company we've had since our existence!”

(June 24, 2009) The Friends of NIDCR recently renewed its management contract with Anas Marketing and Management. Some of its board members shared their thoughts below:

“Peter - We’re fortunate to have you running the organization. Thank you for all you do and have done!”

“Congratulations! I am so glad to hear this!” (Board member who was unable to be on the conference call)

“You’re the best management company we’ve had since our existence. You are very organized and keep us on track.”

“You really are doing a fine job. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.”

“Congratulations to you and the staff. It is we, the Board and members, who are lucky to have you all.”

“Peter, you're doing a truly outstanding job. That vote took about 14 seconds.”

“Peter I would like to thank you for a great job.”